For many goalies, the water polo season is winding down. At least for boys playing in California and girls playing in Northern California. Before the season ends and your games become a distant memory take some detailed notes on your play. Self Assessment What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses? What do you need [...]

The last video demonstrated the 4 two tennis ball tossing drills a water polo goalie can do in the water. The drills focus on improving your hand-eye coordination. This video is a variation on those four drills. Instead of being stationary, the two goalies will be moving laterally. This increases the conditioning aspect of the [...]

The 4 two-tennis ball tossing drills a water polo goalie can do to improve their hand-eye coordination. These hand-eye coordination drills are good to do right after your initial warm-up and before warming up for full team shooting. But they can be done any time. Variations Replace the tennis balls with other balls Mikasa Training [...]

This is the game situation in the video below. The White team is on the counter-attack. They are bringing the ball up on the right hander’s weak side. A White team player is open for a cross pass. How would you handle it? Hopefully, your answer is not what happened in the video clip. The [...]

This is a warm-up drill for water polo goalies to get warmed up for team shooting. It also works on a water polo goalie’s ability to make a save, collect the ball, bring it up into a passing position, and then throw a dry accurate pass quickly. The Set-Up One Goalie, one Shooter, and one [...]

Artist Brian Kessinger created a mash-up of Star Wars’ Kylo Ren with Calvin & Hobbes in a series call Lil’ Kylo. Recently Lil’ Kylo played a water polo game against Rey. Brian has an Etsy store where you can buy his Lil’ Kylo prints.  

Amanda Longan playing for Team USA at Junior World Championships made a game saving penalty shot block against Spain. .@LonganAmanda‘s penalty shot block with 3 seconds left to play to secure a 9-9 tie with Spain at Junior World Championships. 📷Peter Neushul — USA Water Polo (@USAWP) September 5, 2017 //

While training at the Jadran Split pool Josip Pavić showed up. Josip Pavič was the goalie for the Croatian team that won the gold medal at the 2012 London Olympic games. Josip was also on the team that won silver at the Rio 2016 Olympic games. Josip hopped into the goal to take some shots. [...]

How I Spent My Summer

Posting here has been light over the summer because I was getting ready for my trip to Europe and then I spent a month in Europe. My trip included a stop in Budapest, Hungary for some training and to watch the 2017 Fina World Championships. I was only there during bracket play but I was [...]

Victor Nagy Highlights

The championship game of the 2017 LEN Champions League featured Szolnoki VSK and Jug Dubrovnik. Victor Nagy is the goalie for Szolnoki VSK and he played an amazing game to help Szolnoki VSK win the championship. The video below contains all the saves and steals from Victor Nagy’s amazing performance. His biggest saves came during [...]

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