Goalie Conditioning Set ~ May 10, 2017

This conditioning set is designed to take about an hour. The total time depends on your current fitness level and how quick you can perform each set. This workout can be done on your own or with a partner.


  • 200 free
  • 100 breast/back
  • 100 eggbeater (hit all directions)
  • 75 bunny hop/Chair

A bunny hop is just a vertical breaststroke kick. Make sure to hit forward, left, and right as part of the 75 bunny hop.

The chair is your bring your legs, hips, and feet underneath you like you are sitting upright in a school chair. You are only sculling to keep you up and to move forward.

This is just a recommended warm-up. Add or remove what you need to get yourself ready for a workout.

6 x 50 yards with kickboard

  • 25-yard flutter kick
  • 25-yard plow
  • 10 seconds rest

Training Tools Needed: Kickboard

5 x 100-yard lunges with weight belt

  • Directions two hands over headsingle
  • single arm left and right 100 yards each
  • lob left and right 100 yards each

Training Tools Needed: Kap7 Weight Belt

4 x 8 Medicine Ball Thrusters with Weight Belt

  • With weight belt on and a light to medium weight medicine ball. If you’re just starting out go hands only.
  • Start with both hands on the ball with the ball in front of you
  • The medicine ball is at face level with the medicine ball just touching
  • Leg up quickly and thrust/push the medicine ball high overhead. As high as you can get.
  • If you have a 1-meter diving board use that as your guide or touch it with the medicine ball.
  • Recover quickly and repeat 8 times
  • rest 1 minute between sets

Training Tools Needed: Medicine Balls

6 x 25 yards sprints

  • 4 strokes forward and pop to a two handover head pull-down
  • 10 seconds rest between each one

Cool Down

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