Today’s water polo goalie highlight video comes courtesy of Matthew Tran from Beckman High School in Irvine, California. My usual disclaimer. My thanks to all the goalies out there that make their highlight videos available for all to see. During these reviews, if I’m being critical it is not just to be critical. If I [...]

Back on February 25, ESPN U televised the game between Harvard and Princeton women’s water polo teams. In goal for Princeton was Ashleigh Johnson one of the female stars from the 2016 Rio Olympics. And in the goal for Harvard was Cleo Harrington. Ashleigh Johnson played a good game. I wouldn’t say it was dominating. [...]

The video comes from the following website. I have no idea what the article is saying but the video speaks for itself. The goalie, Jósza Otto, scores a full court shot and then almost scores another one after blocking a shot out of 2-meters. What was the other goalie doing? Why was he so far [...]

Watch the highlight clip below. This clip is from the UC Santa Barbara tournament that starts the women’s college season. It is Michigan versus USC. USC was down a player and coming even. There was less than 10 seconds left on the shot clock. Michigan was in a 3-3 formation. I don’t know if they [...]

Check out this video of a water polo goalie blocking drill from Yiannis Giannouris. This is very similar to the dryland drill of blocking tennis balls after they’ve been thrown against the wall by someone standing behind you. What I like about this drill is it works both hand-eye coordination and reaction time like [...]

An article from the University of Michigan introducing two starting freshman for the women’s water polo team hits on a key lesson for water polo goalies. Communicating with your center defender. It is important for the center defender and goalkeeper to have good communication and to be on the same page. Ritner and Steere are [...]

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