The New York Times recently highlighted Merril Moses and his upcoming 3rd Olympics as the goalie for the USA Men’s Water Polo team at the age of 39. What fuels an athlete nearing his 40s to continue to train and compete at such an elite level? I think the quote below answers that. “When you [...]

El Cuervo Water Polo has put together a lot of great water polo highlight videos, especially ones highlighting all-time great water polo goalies. The video below are highlights of Craig Wilson. Some things to pay attention to: When has the ball to pass, he has it up in a ready position. He is not bouncing it [...]

I’m going to focus on one aspect of the 4/5 zone defense today. Making the read on when you need to come out of the goal and make the steal on a 2-meter entry pass. Pardon the artwork. Here is the normal set-up. You’re 2-meter defender is pushing the 2-meter offensive player towards the 4/5 [...]

The NCAA women’s championship tournament was this last weekend and the best first round game was Arizona State University versus the University of Michigan. It was a low scoring game with Michigan ultimately winning in dramatic fashion at the end of regulation. The tweet below has the replay of the game-winning goal with a huge [...]

Today’s highlight reel comes courtesy of Jonah Addington out of Hanford, CA. As always, I’m not trying to be critical just for the sake of being critical. If I see a mistake I want to point it out so that everyone can learn from it. I also try to point out the good things because [...]

Some excerpts and my additional thoughts from the Water Polo Planet’s interview with Celo Harrington, the goalie for the Harvard Women’s Water polo Team. 1.What drills do feel are the best for the following: (a). Lateral movement, (b). Leg strength, (c). Reaction time? (a) When you have a partner set up to shoot from a [...]

The Move: Swim a head-up freestyle for 4-5 strokes. Then drop your hips and get into your base blocking position as quick as possible. Scull and eggbeater quickly and then explode into a lunge. Lunge a different direction each time: Overhead Pulldown, High Corner Left, High Corner Right, Low Corner Left, Low Corner Right. Mix [...]

San Diego State’s Women’s Water Polo Team took on Stanford’s Women’s Water polo team over the weekend. Stanford’s twitter feed put out some highlights of the match. I embedded two of them below with a couple things that stood out to me. The highlights show Stanford scoring obviously. Most of the clips show SDSU’s defense [...]

The following question was posted to the Water Polo subreddit. Workout/Tips for playing goalie: I’m a high school sophomore, and this will be my second season playing water polo. Our JV team has no goalie, so I wanted to fill the spot and try it out. This was my reply. I’m an assistant college water [...]

The following highlight reel comes courtesy of Paul Lang. Thanks, Paul. Again, my review may seem harsh at times but I’m not being critical just to be critical. There are good lessons in these videos for others to learn from. I also try to point out the good things Mr. Lang does for others to [...]

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