The Move: Swim a head-up freestyle for 4-5 strokes. Then drop your hips and get into your base blocking position as quick as possible. Scull and eggbeater quickly and then explode into a lunge. Lunge a different direction each time: Overhead Pulldown, High Corner Left, High Corner Right, Low Corner Left, Low Corner Right. Mix [...]

San Diego State’s Women’s Water Polo Team took on Stanford’s Women’s Water polo team over the weekend. Stanford’s twitter feed put out some highlights of the match. I embedded two of them below with a couple things that stood out to me. The highlights show Stanford scoring obviously. Most of the clips show SDSU’s defense [...]

The following question was posted to the Water Polo subreddit. Workout/Tips for playing goalie: I’m a high school sophomore, and this will be my second season playing water polo. Our JV team has no goalie, so I wanted to fill the spot and try it out. This was my reply. I’m an assistant college water [...]

The following highlight reel comes courtesy of Paul Lang. Thanks, Paul. Again, my review may seem harsh at times but I’m not being critical just to be critical. There are good lessons in these videos for others to learn from. I also try to point out the good things Mr. Lang does for others to [...]

In the interview with Courtney Miller, I added my thoughts about reading the field player when facing a one-on-nobody. You need to read the shooter. If they are still swimming at full speed inside 4-5 meters then they are going for a quick off the water shot especially if a defender is close behind. As [...]

Water Polo 101: Goalkeeping. The video quality isn’t that good but let’s see if what we can learn from the video. 0:23 Mark Right away with the very first lunge, the high corner one, I see a glaring problem. The video quality is bad but watch where her eyes are in relation to her hand. [...]

I had the pleasure of coaching Courtney Miller during her first two years in college. It is what makes reading this interview with Water Polo Planet so much fun for me. The well thought out answers highlight the incredible maturation process Courtney has undergone from her Freshman year to her Senior year. 1. What drills [...]

I love YouTube for the very fact that water polo goalies can easily post videos of themselves. The problem is they are highlight videos which show a selected view. The best possible. Regardless we can still watch these videos and learn something from them. I like to thank Will Stone for posting the video clip [...]

The number one question I get all the time is “what should I be doing to get better? It’s a very generic question and the answer is very generic too. But the generic answer is so crucial to being an effective water polo goalie. It is the foundation from which everything else is built. Flexibility [...]

From Deadspin’s guide to goalkeeping. Compared to the other keepers listed here, water polo goalies protect one of the smallest goals, face the slowest shots, and still have the worst save percentages. Why is this? They’re treading water the entire match. Duties Besides Stopping The Ball: Sparking counterattacks with precision clears, not drowning, leaping out [...]

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