Resistance Band Shooting Drill to Improve Lateral Movement

The following is a shooting drill I do with my goalies to improve their lateral movement. It also doubles as a conditioning drill. It uses Stretchcordz. The resistance bands swimmers use.

water polo resiatnce band training

If you have a pool that is 25 yards wide then I would recommend using the yellow or green stretchcordz. The yellow provides about 5-14 lbs of pull which is good for beginners. The green option provides about 8-24 lbs of pull which is good for intermediate and advanced levels.

The red option has the most pull and won’t work for this drill in a pool 25 yards wide. The red stretchcordz may work if your pool is really narrow.

The set-up

Set-up two lines on or just slightly to the outside of the goal posts. One line will be the dedicated passing line and the other line will be the dedicated shooting line. The shooting line will be the line opposite the wall to which the stretchcordz is fastened to. As seen in the image below.

water polo shooting drill for goalies

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The Drill

The passer will throw a cross pass to the shooter who will catch and shoot to the near side.

Do not fake.

Faking defeats the purpose of this drill. We’re working on the water polo goalie’s ability to get across the cage, square up with the shooter, and then react to the shot as quickly as possible.

The shot needs to go to the near side because we want the goalie to work on reaching for the ball. If you shoot cross cage you are shooting into the direction the goalie is being pulled back making it easy for them to come back and make the block.

After each goalie has spent enough time working their lateral movement to one side then switch the resistance band to the other side. Ideally, you would have two bands and the second band is already set-up on the other side so the goalie can switch belts quickly.

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