Water Polo Goalie Shooting Drill: Cross Pass to a Shot or Entry Pass for the Steal

This shooting drill designed for water polo goalies is a variation of this shooting drill.

Instead of working on blocking a shot out of 2-meters, in this drill we’re working on our ability to steal an entry pass into 2-meters.

The Set-up

A passer at the 2-spot.

A shooter at the 4-spot.

And a 2-meter man with defense.

Once each goalie has done this drill flip the passer and shooter so that the ball is now moving from the 4-spot t the 2-spot for the shot or entry pass.

The Drill

The 2-spot starts with the ball and sets the goalie with a series of fakes.

Then the 2-spot throws a cross pass to the 4-spot.

The 4-spot can either shot the ball or they can enter the ball into 2-meters for a shot.

If the ball is entered the goalie MUST go for the steal. We are working on stealing entry passes.

When going for the steal the goalie must remember to swim through the steal and secure the ball away from te 2-meter player. Don’t stop once you put a hand on the ball. The 2-meter player may still dig the ball out and score it. Also, you need to reinforce the habit of swimming the ball to safety and away from the heart of the cage.

The entry pass has to be somewhat bad. The ball needs to be placed where the goalie and the 2-meter man both have a play on the ball. If the entry pass is too good – put only where the 2-meter man can make a play – then we can’t work on stealing entry passes. Part of the drill is recognizing when an entry pass is ripe for a steal. Putting the ball in a stealable spot will help the goalies increase their recognition and reaction time.

I don’t like my goalies wearing a weight belt during this drill because it messes up their timing and their ability to go for the steal.

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