2017 NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship UCLA vs USC

I recorded the live stream of the 2017 NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship game between UCLA and USC.

The video quality is poor because the streaming quality was poor. With the amount of money between the NCAA and USC, I don’t understand how the live stream looked like it was from 2001.

Thoughts on Goalie Play

Unlike some.

I think the two goalies had solid but not amazing games. Both made some good saves and both gave up a couple goals they probably should’ve blocked.

Alex Wolf came on at the end when it was needed but Alex gave up two donuts. One from up top during a man down. And one off a bad angle no-looker by Dsa. Alex wolf even had one arm up to cover the near side before Dsa shot the ball.

McQuinn blocked a penalty shot. I always say any penalty save is a great one. I was more shocked by Max Irving’s shot selection.

McQuinn always comes forward and sweeps way low on a penalty. Donut and High corners are always open. Max Irving went low right.

USC is your cross-town and conference rival and McQuinn has been the starter for 4 years. The entire UCLA team should know how McQuinn handles a penalty shot.

The field blocking on both sides was more of a factor in this game than goalie play and the final score reflects it.

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Ryan - December 11, 2017

I love your website, it has given me a lot of great ideas when training goailes.
One thing on Irving’s shot, did you notice the USC player to his left push Irving with his leg as Irving was in his shooting motion? Irving looks at him right after his shot gets blocked, he seemed to be expecting a call regarding the push. I’ve seen this done in games where there are lower level officials, but not in a game as high level as NCAA championships.

    TWPG - December 11, 2017

    Thank you. I’m glad I can help. Yeah, I saw another angle of the penalty shot after I posted my article. It would help explain why Irving shot low. There was some afternoon glare and maybe that hindered the ref’s view? He couldn’t see how close the far defender was to Irving before the shot? But the USC player does a great job of disguising it. His head doesn’t really move closer to Irving and he uses his long legs to disrupt Irving’s hips.

Thomas - December 30, 2017

What are “Donuts”

    TWPG - December 30, 2017

    When the ball goes directly over the goalie’s head. Some people call them “bunnies”.


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