Creating Your Offseason Plan

For many goalies, the water polo season is winding down. At least for boys playing in California and girls playing in Northern California.

Before the season ends and your games become a distant memory take some detailed notes on your play.

Self Assessment

What were your strengths?

What were your weaknesses?

What do you need to improve on?

What aspect of your game would you like to strengthen? It could already be a current strength.

Schedule a postseason meeting with your coach and get their perspective on the questions above.

Ask a teammate that you respect and trust for their perspective on your play this past season.

If you have video of you playing this season rewatch it. Takes notes.

Get specific

Don’t say I would like to improve my passing. What about your passing specifically?

Do you want to work on making accurate lead passes?

Do your outlet passes have too much arc on them?

Do your passes have side spin and not enough backspin? Do your passes drift off target because of this spin?

Is it your arm strength? Do your passes fall short?

Be honest with your self. And get as granular as you can on each aspect of your game. Leg strength, reaction time, lunge technique, lob technique, 2-meter shots, outside shots, 4/5 side shots, 1/2 side shots, 5 on 6, communication while transitioning to defense, communication while on defense, etc.

Then rank what you need to work on from most crucial to least.

What I’m getting at is you have created your outline for what you need to work on this offseason. That’s how we get better. Honest self-assessment and then dedicated deliberate practice to improve our play.

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