Jake Huynen Highlight Reel Review

I always like to thank the goalies for putting these highlight reels out there for all of us to watch.

Highlight reels by nature show the best of what a goalie has done. I like to look at them for little things all goalies can learn from. Some good some not so good.

The video below comes courtesy of Jake Huynen and these are a couple things that stood out to me.

1:07 Mark

If you feel pressure after making a 6 on 5 save, toss the ball to your teammate coming out of the ejection box.

Jake does a good job here.

At higher levels of water polo, the opposing team knows you’ll do this. Some players will try to anticipate the clearing pass and steal the ball.

Do your best to not blindly throw it over there.

2:27 Mark

The clock is winding down. You can hear everyone counting down the clock.

As the goalie, you need to know that a shot is coming.

The field player at the point takes the shot.

The shot placement is low to mid-level on Jake. And the ball hits Jake on his left forearm. He didn’t really have to extend his body to make the save. This shot needs to be pulled down.

Yeah, the other team didn’t score. BUT

By not controlling the save and blocking the ball down in front of him, the offense gets another 30 seconds in front of his goal.

You want to eliminate the opportunities the other team has in front of your goal.

3:31 Mark

Jake makes the save. But watch what he does with the ball after the save.

Jake floats on the ball.

Don’t do this.

Get the ball up in a passing position. Walk forward with the ball up. And scan the entire pool for the appropriate outlet and/or counterattack pass.

Thanks again to Jake for putting this video out there.

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