The Buoy Drill

The buoy is a conditioning drill. It is purely a leg strength drill.

The drill is made up of three parts.

  1. Lunge up as high as you can get.
  2. Stay on your legs and try to keep your self up as long as possible. You will sink but try to resist it.
  3. After you sink, keep your hands out of the water. Stay on your legs and leg back up as high as you can get. Then try to hold this height for at least a second. Then rest.

Using the Drill

I like to add this movement to a conditioning set.

I like to make it a 25-yard section to a 100-yard set. You can make it whatever yardage you want.

Then I have the goalie perform a buoy every other black line. This usually gets at least 4 buoys per 25-yards.

This is what the goalie was doing in the video above.

You can make it a stationary drill. Tell the goalie how many buoy jumps you want them to complete and then tell them how much rest you want between jumps.

I didn’t create this drill and I can’t give proper attribution because I don’t remember who I learned it from.

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