Water Polo GoalKeeper

This book covers everything you need to know to be a great water polo goalie and how to train like one.

101 Water Polo Defensive and Conditioning Drills

A great all around book on water polo drills written by legendary college coach Pete Cutino. The book also has a bunch of drills for water polo goalies.

101 Offensive Water Polo Drills

Field players working on offense means a goalie is working on their defense.

Skillz Reaction Ball

This is a great hand-eye coordination training tool. I keep one in my backpack at all times so when I have a free moment I can get a little training in.

Qball Reaction Ball

Another great hand-eye coordination training tool. I have one of these with me in my backpack at all times too. Simply bouncing it off the ground makes you work to catch it and you get to add to it by trying to read the number as you catch the ball.

Cell Phone Tripod Adapter

My number one training tool right now is my smartphone. I can quickly take videos of my goalies and share them with them on the pool deck or send the videos to them. The ability to take slow motion video now has been tremendously helpful. When I want to take a long video I don’t want to stand there holding my phone so I attach my phone to my tripod through a simple mount like this one. 

Tennis Balls

You can never have enough tennis balls. Another great hand-eye coordination tool and these ones you can use in shooting drills. Nothing like trying to block something as tiny as a tennis ball. And these one come in a handy mesh carrying case to corral the balls while in the water.

Weight Belts

Weight belts are the cornerstone for all goalie training. These ones from Kap7 are the best. So much better than the lead scuba diving belts I used as a kid. They’re soft and wrap around the whole waist instead of just sitting in one spot. The varying weights are great for scaling the intensity within drills and conditioning sets.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A wet long sleeve t-shirt creates a lot of drag, in and out of the water, and it makes a goalie work hard to get their arms out quickly to make a save.

Men's Heavy Weight Ball

3.3 Lbs. I like to use these in my two hands alternating ball toss hand-eye coordination drill.

Women's Heavy Weight Ball

The women’s training ball weighs only 1.7 lbs.

Medicine Balls

Med balls are a versatile training tool. You can condition with them in the water and on the deck. You’ll need varying weights of medicine balls. Also, make sure they have a textured rubber surface so they’re easy to use in the water.


Another training tool I use all the time. The bands are great for pure conditioning or adding resistance to lateral movement in a shooting drill. Like the weight belts, the StrechChordz come in different colors that offer different resistance levels. This is great for scaling drills and conditioning sets for different level goalies. I primarily use the green and red bands.

StretchChordz Grudge Belt

Turning a conditioning into a game is a great way to get maximum effort out of your goalies. I love using the grudge belt and pitting two goalies against each other to work on lateral movement or overall leg strength.