Water Polo Goalie Warm Up Drill [Video]: Pull Down to a Pass

This is a warm-up drill for water polo goalies to get warmed up for team shooting. It also works on a water polo goalie’s ability to make a save, collect the ball, bring it up into a passing position, and then throw a dry accurate pass quickly.

The Set-Up

One Goalie, one Shooter, and one receiver.

The goalie and the shooter are about 6 meters apart. The normal warm-up pulldown distance apart.

The receiver is about 2/3rds down the pool. About where a normal outlet pass would occur.

The distance also depends on the maximum distance the goalie can throw. With younger goalies, this distance needs to be shorter.

The Drill

The shooter shoots a hard halo pull down on the goalie.

The goalie makes the save.

Then the goalie needs to find the ball and bring it up into a passing position as quickly as possible.

Then they need to throw a dry accurate pass to the receiver.

The pass shouldn’t take the receivers legs out, it shouldn’t be too short, and the pass should be made as quickly as possible.

It’s a drill and we’re working on how quickly you can get an outlet pass off while remaining accurate. Execute the drill as perfectly as possible.

It happens at least a couple times per game where you make a save and your team has a scoring counter-attack opportunity. But it depends on you making that first accurate pass to a teammate quickly. Practice it.

Training Tools Needed

Water Polo Balls Size 5 or Size 4.


Instead of a stagnant receiver, you can have the receiver swimming away from the goalie like a counter-attack and have the goalie throw lead passes. Or you can have the receiver make side line release moves and receive the outlet pass.

Adding swimming to the drill is easier if you have 4 or more goalies. With 3 goalies the drill slows down as you wait for the receiver to get back into their starting position.

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Rob Riester - November 9, 2017

Love it! I’m going to try it tonight with my kid goalies. Thanks for the tip!


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