Game Situation [Video]: Weak Side Counter Attack with Open Cross Pass

This is the game situation in the video below.

The White team is on the counter-attack. They are bringing the ball up on the right hander’s weak side.

A White team player is open for a cross pass.

How would you handle it?

Hopefully, your answer is not what happened in the video clip.

The goalie in this clip was inexperienced at the time.

He saw the cross pass opportunity and was trying to anticipate the pass to make the save.

But he moves off the player with the ball way before a pass is thrown.

This opens up the near side. By the time the goalie figured out their mistake the player with the ball scores an easy near side goal.

Honor the Ball

You need to stay on the ball.

Anytime someone has the ball they are a potential threat.

Communicate Early

Ideally, early in the transition to defense, you are talking with your teammates and setting up your defense to take away the cross pass and forcing the right-hander on his weak side to shoot the ball.

This did not happen in this clip.

If the cross pass is still an option after the transition you need to keep that thought in your head while you focus on a potential shot. Then react to the pass as its made.

Don’t Quit on the Play

By staying on the ball and honoring them as a potential shooter you will most likely force the cross pass.

There is not much you can do if the other team is throwing wide open cross passes in front of the cage.

But don’t give up.

Get across the cage as far as you can and lunge on the shot. Field players are known to put a shot in the wrong place from time to time. Especially if they think they have an easy wide open shot.

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